We come with a rich and varied history. We penciled our first logo back in 1998, and since then we’ve been steadily adding skills, experience, products, services and equipment to our creative toolbox. Today we stand as a feature rich, below-the-line, visual communication boutique agency.

We work hard, and smart.
We’re not clock watchers. Clocks are there to let us know that we need to keep your deadlines in mind, but other than that, we always put more time into a project than what was quoted on.

So with ample coffee, great food and loving pets we work into the nights, weekends and holidays – all with a smile on our faces.


Strictly speaking we are based in Kempton Park, South Africa, but our work goes everywhere. We also find ourselves shipping our products, both physical and digital, across local borders and across both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

We’ve developed software, designed websites and completed signage projects while in Vienna, Venice, Botswana, Edinburg, Lesotho, New York City, Dublin, Rome, Prague and many other cities and countries. Maybe your project will have some international flavour in it?

everything custom
Customise. 3veryth1ng.
We despise boiler-plate, cookie cutter logos and layouts. Even if it starts off as a pre-built element, we’ll ensure it’s thoroughly customised to suit your brand or vision.

And when you think it’s all done and dusted we’ll often sit back and take a fresh look at your project, noting areas that could benefit with improvement.


We undertake a wide range of projects, ranging from general graphic design, packaging design, logo design, signage, vehicle wraps, email signatures, landing pages, sales funnels, static sites, custom and dynamic sites and e-commerce online stores.

vehicle branding, car wrap
General signage
car magnets, vehicle magnets
chromadek signs, steel signs
correx boards, correx signs, estate agent boards


We have a somewhat off-beat guiding principal : The Customer is not always right. Of course this is the opposite of what most companies swear by.

But this is a good thing – hear us out. We firmly believe that if the customer is always right, then our skills are getting blunt, our knowledge dated and simply put, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. It doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes – we do. But we’ll own up to them, you have our word on that.

So look for service providers who aren’t there to stroke your ego or who start salivating at your budget for a project. 

8 + 11 =

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We keep office hours for landline and cell calls, but we keep a close eye on emails at all hours, with virtual assistants on call during evenings, so feel free to drop us a message any time of the day, or night.

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