It’s true! When you order your website from us it’ll come with a online store, all setup and ready to start loading stock. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, we’re also giving you a free set of magnetic car signs. Find out more on this page.

The broad strokes

There’s quite a lot of finer details to cover with Terms and Conditions, so we’re listing the major points here. Also, we’re flexible, and we’d like to assist where possible, even if it’s stated differently in a T’s&C’s document.

ecommerce, ecommerce store, ecommerce platform

We do the initial basic setup and include a sample product for you. The system includes Store Manager rights, and we provide cheat-sheet cards to help you load your products. The site will include your logo, general colouring and contact details.


Anybody who purchases a Juice-to-Go!  website from us within the promotional period and if the offer is still available.
We do reserve the right to refuse if it’s against our Terms of Service (Eg: No “enlargement medicines”, contraban,  etc)

Have a website already? Pop us an email to discuss to various options. There’s a form at the end of this page you can use.



The store does not include extensive customisation and is not setup for complex product ordering (it can be added though).

In order to process credit cards, debit darcs,receive instant EFT’s and other payment methods you will require a free PayFast account (we can assist with how to obtain one). A basic Privacy, T.O.S and T&C document is included, but will require finalisation and approval by yourself or a legal firm. The offer does not inlude loading of store items, but we provide easy to follow cheat-sheets to follow. We can also provide a obligation free quotation for loading your store with you stock.


We’re only providing the free online store for you. You can’t purchase a website, but utilise the ecommerce store for something/somebody else. All customisation, maintenance (if needed), etc is only serviceable through Orange Web.
The details regarding the magnets and business cards

  • Cards: Full Colour single sided only (Qty Varies per order)
  • Car Magnets: 500mm x 300mm, set of 2 magnets
  • Includes postage via SA Post Office
  • Postal is Counter to Counter
  • Can’t be traded or exchanged
ecommerce, ecommerce platform, ecommerce store


There’s a place and purpose for all kinds of webdesign end ecommerce online store services and products out there, we’re not discounting that. But our Juice-to-Go ! offers some really awesome benefits. Take a peak:

“Free” online website builders Juice-to-Go! website (All inclusive)
Done for you with no worries? HA HA…No! You’ll need to learn good design practises, UI, etc. That’s the whole point. You leave it all to us.
Learning Curve ? Medium to Hard. No learning curve. We do it for you.
Own domain name ? Nope, unless you pay for “extras”. Yes, you get your own domain.
Google Friendly ? More or less. No high level SEO functionality catered to. Toe. Tah. Lee. Google friendly. (YES).
Responsive Design ? Kinda, depends if you do things right. Yip, we ensure site works across all screen sizes.
Monthly Fees ? No…but yes. All the nice stuff sits behind a subscription. No monthly fees at all. It’s built and all yours.
Can move site ? Mostly No. You’re pretty much stuck with them. Totally movable !
Safe ? Kinda, until they get hacked (again). Yip, yebo and yes
Support ? Very limited on free plans, also slow then. Yes, there’s a human you can shout at 🙂
Customisable ? Very limited, must remain within their platform limitations. Absolutely, totally customisable.
Email accounts ? Nope, only on paid plans. All included, buddy.
Search Engine Submission ? In time, and limited in detail. Yip. We submit full XMLs to Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Free Goodies ? Seriously? Nope. No. Aikona. Neva. Glad nie, tjom. Yip. Business cards, car magnets and more to come 🙂
vehicle branding, car wrap
General signage
car magnets, vehicle magnets
chromadek signs, steel signs
correx boards, correx signs, estate agent boards

Contact Us 

We keep office hours for landline and cell calls, but we keep a close eye on emails at all hours, with virtual assistants on call during evenings, so feel free to drop us a message any time of the day, or night.

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