Terms and Conditions

10 – 07 – 2020.

  • Juice-to-Go! Website based on our pre-built scaffold. This site is an example of the final result.
  • We require some data to use on your site, so please provide as much information as possible.
  • Our production lead-time starts from the time we’ve received both payment and, even more importantly, the completed data form.
  • The 4 reduced cost tiers include business cards only, not the car magnets.
  • Business cards are produced in CMYK colour, single sided only, and will be dispatched via SA Postal service within 10 working days from order.
  • Business cards are not subject to lead-times expressed on this page for the websites.
  • Free magnets and/or cards cannot be traded or exchanged for any form of credit.
  • * Car Magnets and 200 business cards are only applicable to the R1595 price tier.
  • Car magnets are produced in full colour, is 500mm x 300mm large and contain 2 magnets per set.
  • 3Free store is only available on Juice-to-Go! or Freshly Squeezed packages.
  • 3Store is pre-branded with your logo, basic details etc. Store stock needs to be loaded (we supply a easy to follow instructional page)
  • Funds paid to your e-commerce store is subject to a clearing period of 3-4 working days. This delay is from the banks and PayFast.
  • *** To accept the full range of card options you require a merchant account with Payfast. We will gladly assist with the application process, which is quite simple, but does require being FICA’d through them.
  • Incase it’s not clear, we don’t condone being in public without your mask. When we say “Skip the Lines. Skip the Mask”, we’re referring to the point that you don’t need one when working online, in the privacy of your own home. So there’s that, in writing now 🙂
  • 1All royalty free stock (images, video, audio, graphics) remain the property of Zimplified Media Group (Pty) Ltd. Please enquire about purchasing media for use elsewhere
  • 2Site security refers to the content on your website domain, and not the security of your personal devices, device emails, online browsing etc
  • All artwork produced for the site, based on your branding or not, remains the exclusive rights of Zimplified Media Group t/a OrangeWeb.co.za . This means you will need to purchase any artwork created outright for use on any other material other than the website or ecommerce online store. Screengrabbing or utilising proofs provided is not allowed, sorry. Chat to us about what you need, please.
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